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A lead teacher and University education specialist discuss the implementation of a program between the school and the University to support the development of graduate teachers in delivering a science unit of work to year 5 and 6 students. The program focuses on students developing a story board to explain the particle model theory which will be animated using stop motion software. The emphasis is on showing the multi model possibilities of delivering science to students.
Golden Square Primary School, located in Bendigo, Victoria, is a government school with over 400 students. The school has a partnership with La Trobe University to enhance the teaching of science using ICT. Students at Golden Square are immersed in technology throughout the school, with particular emphasis on 1:1 access in years 5 and 6. The graduate teachers are able to use a range of resources and technologies to support their students' learning in Science.
  • In what ways could you support colleagues to demonstrate their content knowledge using ICT?
  • What practical activities could you encourage colleagues to incorporate into a lesson to make a theoretical concept more understandable?
  • Do you encourage colleagues to use external resources beyond their classroom to enhance their students’ knowledge and understanding?
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Animating the particle model