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A teacher carefully builds student understanding and engagement in a lesson to prep students. She wants them to understand that the way an object moves is dependent on a variety of factors. After discussing how students travel to school, she utilises the conclusions of this discussion to encourage students to enact how different animals walk and move. She then uses role-play to simulate the effects of waste and pollution on the movements of seals, while simultaneously reinforcing science understanding. The teacher then works with one student to create a Venn diagram that will demonstrate his understanding of the ways in which animals move.
Coolbinia Primary School is located in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, and caters for students from prep to year 7. Within the primary school, there are approximately 270 students. There are 118 students within the kindergarten and prep classes. Fourteen per cent of the students in the school have a language background other than English. There are even numbers of boys and girls enrolled. The teacher's prep class has 23 students.
  • How do you develop teaching programs that are logically sequenced and build on students’ prior knowledge?
  • What strategies do you use to support and encourage self-awareness in students, and awareness of the world around them?
  • How can you build encouragement of sustainability into your lessons?
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