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Learning walks were implemented as an instructional model to help share teaching methods and learnings between staff within the school.

The school has a shared instructional model to support consistent implementation of high impact teaching strategies, and to embed collective efficacy and continuous professional learning. 

This initiative involves participation from the school leadership team, instructional coach and the classroom teacher. It is underpinned by consistent use of learning intentions and success criteria to ensure teachers know exactly what is being observed.

Albanvale Primary School is in Victoria and has an enrolment of 275 students and 29 staff.

Staff work together in Professional Learning Teams to collectively meet the individual needs of students.

Observing peer lessons has demonstrated an appreciation and respect for one another and has helped to improve practice.

  • What are the visible aspects of teaching that might be observed during learning walks in order to provide useful feedback?
  • How do you build a culture of collective efficacy within a school?