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Following a science lesson by two pre-service teachers on the 'particle model', their supervisor provides them with feedback about their planning and delivery of the content. The teacher emphasises the importance of structuring the lesson to adequately meet the explicit and implicit learning goals, which in this case include both science content and the skills required to use a range of learning technologies to understand that content. Following a discussion of the lesson, the supervising teacher assists the pre-service teachers to articulate what needs to be incorporated in the follow-up lesson.
Golden Square Primary School, located in Bendigo, Victoria, is a government school with over 400 students. The school is partnered with La Trobe University and provides placements for pre-service teachers on their practicum. The school's partnership with La Trobe University extends into a program that is designed to enhance the teaching of science using ICT. The focus teacher in this video is mentoring two of the teacher candidates.
  • How do you encourage and support self-reflection in early career teachers?
  • How can you best use classroom observations to support early career teachers?
  • What strategies can you use to help early career teachers apply feedback to their future teaching?
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