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A teacher at a remote school in the Kimberley describes her aims in teaching kindergarten students. In one of her classes she begins the lesson with a group activity, then subsequently supports individual and group learning activities. She moves around the room, encouraging persistence, modelling roles and celebrating achievements. The teacher reflects on her personal philosophy for teaching young children and on what individuals and groups of students have learned.
St Mary's is a co-educational kindergarten to year 12 Catholic College situated in Broome in the Kimberley region. The school has 650 students across two campuses. In the Primary School, the teacher has two kindergarten groups with 30 students in each group. Her priorities for students’ learning in the kindergarten year are: the development of emotional and social skills, building creativity, and the confidence and dispositions to take risks and problem solve. Within her program, the teacher provides rich opportunities for self-directed learning as children work in different areas of the room. The emphasis is on the process, rather than the product. Students are self-motivated and demonstrate independence and productive engagement with tasks.
  • How might you enrich opportunities for creativity and problem solving in your classroom?
  • How do you foster independence, self-direction and motivation for students to stay on task?
  • How can you tell what students have learned through independent creative play?
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