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St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School – Cross-Curricular Literacy

Teacher Standards Focus Areas: 3.5, 4.1, 4.2

St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

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St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

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Discussion questions

  1. How does the teacher support student participation to create and maintain a supportive and safe learning environment?
  2. What teaching strategies can you use to implement effective teaching and learning in your classroom?
  3. What evidence did you see of students benefitting from effective classroom communication from the teacher?
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St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School is located in Alexandra Hills, Queensland with approximately 500 student enrolments.

The Year 1 primary teacher, Olivia Petkofski implemented inquiry-based learning to build students’ literacy knowledge and skills across multiple subject areas. The approach encouraged students to participate in classroom discussions and engage in activities that promoted opportunities to share their own ideas and experiences on the topic of travel. Olivia utilised a diverse range of effective communication styles to establish a safe and vibrant learning environment as well as adopting questioning techniques to understand the learning needs for all students.

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