What are the Teacher Standards?

The Teacher Standards consist of seven standards, which teachers will meet at differing levels depending on their career stage and level of experience. You'll need to evidence certain requirements of the Standards in order to become a registered teacher, or achieve Highly Accomplished and Lead certification.

Understanding Standards

Career stages

The Teacher Standards consists of four career stages: Graduate, Proficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead. Learn more about each career stage, along with the requirements expected for certification at each stage.
Understanding Standards

Domains of Teaching

The Teacher Standards are grouped into three domains of teaching: Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement. In practice, teaching draws on aspects of all three domains.

The origin: How the Standards were developed

The Teacher Standards were founded on extensive research, expert knowledge, a review of pre-existing standards used by teacher registration authorities, employers and professional associations across Australia.


6,000 teachers and principals

A process of

120 submissions

Endorsed by

All Australian Education Ministers