On Friday 27 October 2023, we have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Australia’s teachers – a talented group of skilled professionals who educate, inspire and support Australia’s 4 million students. 

Every year when I see World Teachers’ Day pop up in my calendar, I make time to reflect and take stock of the incredible job teachers are doing in Australia. The teachers I meet at the annual HALT Summit bring so much passion and knowledge to their roles; it brings me great pride to know that this passion and creativity is shared throughout the profession across the country. The same is true of the many principals’ forums I attend – knowledgeable, passionate leaders going about inspiring others.

World Teachers’ Day is a great time to formally acknowledge the more than half a million teachers and school leaders who are registered or accredited against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, a public statement of what constitutes teacher quality agreed by Education Ministers across the country.

Half a million people. Half a million who have done the work, and maintain their professional practice, to be able to stand in front of a room of students and teach them not only the curriculum, but about relationships, how to set learning goals, and how to work together. 

While the effect that great teaching can have on learning is quantifiable, some of the broader impacts that a teacher can have are beyond measure. A student can carry a love of learning and confidence in their abilities – instilled by their teachers – with them for the rest of their life. Teachers have a profound impact on our country’s future, and it’s why the wider Australian public esteems teachers on their honesty and work ethic, and believes they occupy positions of trust and respect

At AITSL, we often discuss how quality teaching is the largest in-school influence on student achievement. It’s why we’re so passionate about what we do, and why we’re so pleased to be able to celebrate this incredible profession on World Teachers’ Day – and every day. 

Once again, we are celebrating under the theme of Hats Off to Teachers. We’re encouraging everyone in Australia to share a hats off selfie, try out our photobooth, or find the time share your appreciation for teachers in person. 

I’ll be tipping my hat on Friday 27 October to the profession, who stand as pillars of our community in guiding and shaping the next generation. I hope you will join me.