You are only eligible for a skilled employment statement if you hold a valid positive skills assessment for a school teacher occupation.

We assess skilled employment that was:

  • completed in any country
  • closely related to your nominated school teacher occupation*
  • undertaken within the past 10 years
  • undertaken after the completion of an initial teacher education qualification
  • for at least four consecutive weeks and at least 20 hours per week
  • undertaken within a registered school setting
  • paid employment.

To be included in a skilled employment statement, your employment in Australia must total at least one year. For employment outside Australia it must total a minimum of three years.

*Closely related skilled occupation is defined by the Department of Home Affairs as those occupations that fall within one unit group classified under ANZSCO. Occupations are grouped together under ANZSCO to form unit groups. Unit groups are denoted by 4-digit codes and generally are at one skill level. Skill level is defined as a function of the range and complexity of the set of tasks performed in a particular occupation, and is generally measured by the level or amount of formal education and training, previous experience in a related occupation or on-the-job training. For example, if the application is for the occupation of primary school teacher (ANZSCO 241213), the applicant could not use work experience as a secondary school teacher (ANZSCO 241411), as it is in a different unit group and would have a different range and complexity of tasks. However, if the application is for the occupation of Special Needs Teacher (ANZSCO 241511), work as a Teacher of the Hearing Impaired (ANZSCO 241512) could be considered a closely related occupation as it is in the same unit group.

How to request a statement


Upon receipt of a positive skills assessment outcome you will be eligible to request a skilled employment statement. You will be able to request a statement at any time within the two-year period your skills assessment remains valid. The fee for each request is AUD$224. To request a statement follow these steps:


  • Step: Download the request form

    Simply download a request for skilled employment statement form.
  • Step: Attach your relevant documents

    Collate your original statements of employment. The original statement must be on the official letterhead of the employing authority, be signed and dated and include the following information:

    • name of school
    • name of employer
    • address of employer
    • dates of employment - start and finish dates (month/year)
    • title of position/job
    • hours of employment per week

    Skilled employment advice is based on original statements of employment only. Statements of employment remain an official AITSL record and will not be returned to the applicant. Certified copies of employment statements, pay slips or employment contracts are not acceptable. 

    Be sure to attach your original statements to your completed request form. 

  • Step: Submit your application

    Once you've filled out all the paperwork and attached your original statements, submit your request to: AITSL Assessment for Migration. The mailing address is provided in your request form.
  • Step: Receive your skilled employment statement

    AITSL will email you to confirm receipt of your request. AITSL aims to prepare your skilled employment statement within 4 weeks of receipt.

How are points awarded?

The Department of Home Affairs Points Test for Skilled Migration is a transparent and objective method of selecting migrants with the skills and attributes needed in Australia.

Points are awarded for employment in a skilled occupation towards your Skilled Migration Visa application. To claim a point, your skilled employment experience must be in the occupation you nominate on your application, or a closely related occupation (a school teacher occupation).


Australian skilled employment
PointsLength of employment
5At least one but less than three years (past 10 years)
10At least three but less than five years (past 10 years)
15At least five but less than eight years (past 10 years)
20At least eight and up to ten years (past 10 years)
Overseas skilled employment
PointsLength of employment
5At least three but less than five years (past 10 years)
10At least five but less than eight years (past 10 years)
15At least eight but less than ten years (past 10 years)
Australia and overseas employment over the past ten years can be combined, however the maximum number of points that can be awarded is 20 points.