Information for participants

The 360° Reflection Tool was developed to support principals and other school leaders to reflect, and gather feedback, on the leadership behaviours they exhibit in their daily practice. The behaviours are aligned to 15 attributes that interconnect the Leadership Requirements and Professional Practices set out in the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

This page has information for principals and school leaders considering purchasing the tool.

What is 360° feedback?

Otherwise known as multi-source feedback, 360 degree feedback is a comprehensive and structured methodology for obtaining feedback from different sources – including yourself, staff, leadership teams, peers and other stakeholders. Feedback is one of the most powerful motivational tools at our disposal.

What do participants get?

Individuals will register themselves to gather feedback on your leadership practice. You will receive a report which summarises all feedback – you can view a sample report here.

There is also the option for group registration. Leadership teams, networks and system leaders can register a group of participants to complete the survey at the same time. Participants will receive feedback reports, and the group leader will receive a report which summarises the results of the group. You can view a group sample report here.

Your Feedback Report is private and only sent to you. When your report is generated, it is stored on a safe and secure website. A link, username and password will be emailed to you to access and download your Feedback Report.

Selecting and contacting raters

A minimum of two raters is required in each rater category chosen, to maintain rater confidentiality. The only exception to this is the Line Manager category as in most cases participants will only have a single line manager.

We highly recommend that you invite all relevant stakeholders to participate in the survey to ensure you receive broad feedback from a range of views. Refer to Select and contact your raters for further information.

Survey validity is determined by the raters’ familiarity with your behaviour at work. If a respondent indicates that they are not familiar with your working style, or they do not answer the minimum number of questions (70%) required, their data will not be included.

What happens during the process?

Before the survey

Contact your raters so they understand the purpose of the survey and why you’d like their feedback. It also gives them an opportunity to learn more about the survey prior to completing it. You should let them know to expect an email with a login and password from Korn Ferry, and to check their spam folder in case the email is diverted. The resource Select and contact your raters contains a sample email which you can send to your raters to develop their understanding of the 360° Reflection Tool.

Once the survey has been sent

Raters will receive regular reminders to complete the survey. If a rater does not complete it within four weeks, the survey may be closed by the system administrator and any results from that rater will not be included in the Feedback Report. If only one rater in a specific category completes the survey, you will be given the opportunity to combine their feedback with the feedback of another category, otherwise their feedback will not be included to protect the rater’s privacy.

You can monitor the status of completed rater surveys by accessing the ‘Survey Status’ page in the 360° Reflection Tool. Click on ‘View Survey Status’ at the top left-hand corner of the screen. A green dot will indicate that you have sufficient data from all rater groups.

Add more raters

If you want to add more raters during the process, click the ‘Rater Administration’ page within the tool. Please note that by adding raters later in the process your Feedback Report will be delayed. Once the survey has been closed, you cannot add raters.

Dive into the results

Use the Unpacking your Feedback – a Development Guide document alongside your feedback report to determine what to do next with your results. You can also compare your results to national trends using the 2018 Norm Summary, or work on some activities relating to the results.

Can I complete the survey again?

This is encouraged! Completing the tool a second or even third time will give you strong indications of improvements, and also show areas where you may need more focus. We recommend you re-assess between 12–18 months after initial completion of the 360° Reflection Tool, as this will give you enough time to develop your capabilities in the attributes and assess your progress.