360 Reflection Tool Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are written for potential participants of the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) 360° Reflection Tool.

The 360° Reflection Tool is being conducted by Korn Ferry on behalf of AITSL.

The terms and conditions apply to the following processes:

  • Registration for the 360° Reflection Tool
  • Using the 360° Reflection Tool
  • Storage of data provided

Information collected through the registration process and use of the 360° Reflection Tool will be treated as confidential and in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles, kept and used by AITSL in accordance with AITSL’s privacy guidelines, and stored by Korn Ferry. Korn Ferry is Safe Harbor compliant, visit their website for further information.


By registering, a principal/school leader is agreeing to receive email communication regarding their registration. Emails may be used to provide a principal/school leader with more information about their registration and participation in the 360° Reflection Tool.

The 360° Reflection Tool has been designed for, and is offered by AITSL for the exclusive use of aspiring, emerging, practising and experienced principals/school leaders in Australian schools. AITSL reserves the right to deny registration to, or remove access rights from, any person(s) who does not meet the above criteria.

In addition to the principal/school leader’s contact information, each registration requires the following:

  • Basic school context information
  • Agreement to these terms and conditions

Registration cancellation and a refund may be provided if the cancellation request is received by AITSL within 48 hours from the time of registration. Refund requests must be emailed to AITSL at [email protected].

Agreement to terms and conditions

Successful registration will involve the principal/school leader agreeing to the following terms and conditions, that they:

  • provide email contact details for a number of raters, who will provide feedback about the principal/school leader
  • acknowledge if their or any of their rater’s email addresses change, it is the principal/school leader’s responsibility to notify Korn Ferry of the change
  • will receive a feedback report detailing their responses to the 360° Reflection Tool and summarising the responses of their nominated raters. No individual responses from raters will be identified in the feedback report
  • understand that summary information from feedback reports may be collated into a consolidated report for the educational system/sector of which the principal/school leader is part. No individual principal/school leader will be identified in this consolidated report
  • may be contacted by AITSL to provide feedback on their experience in using the 360° Reflection Tool. If AITSL wants to publish this feedback to help promote the 360° Reflection Tool, AITSL will seek permission from the principal/school leader concerned
  • agree that AITSL, if required, can appoint another Third Party provider to:
  • examine data provided for the 360° Reflection Tool for the purposes of storing, maintaining and managing that data
  • store, maintain and manage that data
  • use and publish de-identified data for research and other educational purposes.