360 Reflection Tool technical information

Due to the privacy around school’s IT systems, Korn Ferry’s emails can go directly to the spam email inbox. Please involve your IT department to ensure that the following system requirements are met.


Your registration can be cancelled, and a refund issued, if your cancellation request is received by email to [email protected] within 48 hours from the time of registration. Alternatively, we can hold your payment should you wish to pause and recommence at a later date (within 12 months).


If you have registered but do not have login details

If you have registered in the past 2 working days, please keep an eye on your inbox. If you have registered more than 2 working days ago, please contact [email protected] for help.

If you want to change your survey close date

Contact [email protected]

If you have registered a group and want to make a change

Contact [email protected]

If the link in your email invitation does not work

Some email systems do not allow the use of embedded URLs (i.e., the survey link in your email invitation). All you need to do is copy and paste the survey link into your internet browser and you will be able to access the survey. If after trying this, you still cannot access the survey, please contact your administrator.

If your username / password do not work

Please use the auto link provided within the email, this should take you directly to the survey. If you do not have one, please ensure you are copying and pasting your username and password into the appropriate fields. Typing your username and password can leave room for error.

If you cannot move through the pages of the survey

The Korn Ferry Surveys’ website sometimes uses pop-up windows. If you have pop-up blocking software installed on your computer, you must disable it in order for the survey site to display properly.

The Korn Ferry Surveys website requires "cookies" to be enabled on your internet browser. If you are having trouble getting past the log-in screen, it is possible that cookies have been disabled. Please see the ‘Troubleshooting’ section of the Korn Ferry Surveys site for detailed instructions on how to check this setting.

Check the security settings on your internet browser. High security settings can block interaction with the Korn Ferry Surveys site that is necessary to complete your survey. You can return your browser to its previous state once surveys have been submitted.

If you are having trouble submitting a survey

If you cannot submit, try the "Save" button instead. Once the survey is "Saved", go back and attempt to submit. If you cannot submit the survey, please contact [email protected]. There may be security settings on your computer or within your school or organisation and an IT administrator may need to help.


The personal information you provide during the 360° Reflection Tool will be used only as permitted by AITSL and as described in Korn Ferry's Global Privacy Policy.

AITSL has established specific standards that Korn Ferry must adhere to with regards to privacy and confidentiality.

If you are a rater, unless you are the school leader’s Line Manager or you are providing information about yourself, information from the feedback surveys will be reported in aggregate so your feedback will not be attributed to you. If you are asked to provide written comments, these comments will be reproduced verbatim in any resulting feedback report, but will also not be attributed to you. If you are a school leader being rated, please note that your individual feedback reports are only provided to you.

If you are a school leader participating as part of a group, your results may also be aggregated for use in a group report, which will be provided to your group leader. Please note that your information will only be included if there are five (5) or more individuals included in the report so that your responses will not be attributed to you.

Personal information that you provide as part of this survey will not be used by Korn Ferry to contact you for marketing purposes.