Get expert advice on a teaching performance assessment

A teaching performance assessment (TPA) is a tool used to assess the practical skills and knowledge of pre-service teachers against the Graduate Teacher Standards in their final year of teaching.

TPAs are a critical part of building confidence that graduates from Australian ITE programs are classroom ready. Therefore, the strength of a provider's TPA is an important consideration in the accreditation of ITE programs.

Recognising that TPAs can be complex, we've established an expert advisory group that can provide advice on the development, implementation and assessment of a TPA to help ensure it meets the requirements for accreditation.

The expert advisory group can provide advice on

The design and delivery of TPAs within ITE programs

Implementation and monitoring of assessments to ensure the ongoing integrity of a TPA

Statistical data analysis including standard setting methodology and the development of scoring strategies

The assessment and establishment of a TPA's reliability and validity

Advisory group members

  • Dr Lenore Adie
  • Professor Tania Broadley
  • Dr Tedra Clark
  • Dr Philip Coogan
  • Professor Joy Cumming
  • Dr Shelby Danks
  • Dr Fiona Ell
  • Dr Lawrence Ingvarson
  • Ms Jenny Lewis
  • Emeritus Professor William Louden

  • Professor Julianne Moss
  • Professor Joce Nuttall
  • Dr Anna Du Plessis
  • Dr Rebecca Spooner-Lane
  • Professor Helen Timperley
  • Professor James Tognolini
  • Dr Christine Tom
  • Alfred Deakin Professor Christine Ure
  • Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith

How to access the expert advisory group

The below steps provide an overview of how to access the expert advisory group.

  • Step: Complete the online form

    Please complete the online form below.

  • Step: We organise you an expert or experts

    We will organise:

    • one expert to provide advice to ITE providers
    • at least three experts to form a panel to provide advice to teacher regulatory authorities.
  • Step: Receive expert advice

    Expert advice on a TPA will be provided to you.

Expert advisory group request form

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