Teacher induction annotated bibliography

  • Teacher induction - Annotated bibliography

    The Annotated Bibliography focuses on induction policies and practices, mainly in education settings.


Induction environment scan

Innovative case studies

The Hay Group Report

  • Building the Right Foundation - Improving Teacher Induction in Australian Schools

    The Hay Group were commissioned to provide a report into best practices in education relating to induction of beginning teachers.


Induction round table - Becoming a professional practitioner

  • TEMAG Eval cover

    TEMAG Evaluation - Stakeholder perspectives on progress - November 2017

    This evaluation explores key participants’ experiences in the establishment phase of reform.

  • All guides

    All practical guides - Leadership Scenarios

    All the practical guides for the Leadership Scenarios video series.

  • New role, new learning culture 3

    New role, new learning culture – Leadership Scenarios

    Understand how to establish a learning culture and support the professional growth of staff in your school

  • 20170316 Educentric Media MC College 006

    New role, new partnerships – Leadership Scenarios

    Understand how to work with families and respond positively when issues arise.

  • New role, new demands

    New roles, new demands – Leadership Scenarios

    Understand how to manage your time successfully and focus energy on getting the best outcomes for students.

  • New role, new conversations

    New role, new conversations - Leadership Scenarios

    Understand how to handle difficult conversations and establish a feedback culture.

  • New role, new relationships

    New role, new relationships - Leadership Scenarios

    Understand how to build relationships and communicate effectively with your team.

  • New role, new vision 4

    New role, new vision - Leadership Scenarios

    Understand how to collaborate to review your school vision and values and identify when to redevelop or refresh.

  • Essential guide to professional learning series

    The essential guide to professional learning series unpacks the research behind key themes of the Professional Learning Charter. School leaders and teachers can use this series to reflect on and inform professional learning in their school.

  • iStock-457442673

    Primary Specialisation - Graduate outcomes stimulus paper

    In order to prompt thinking about the outcomes that graduates with a primary specialisation may achieve, this stimulus paper has been developed to identify possible features of graduates with a primary specialisation.

  • AITSL_042

    SWOT Analysis

    Activity: Self-reflection - SWOT stimulus questions

  • snug AITSL-556

    Collaborative leadership in schools

    Research indicates that effective leadership requires a move away from a top-down approach to one that is distributed and collaborative. This reading list presents a number of examples and case studies of schools in which the staff and other stakeholders have worked together to accomplish the vision and aims of the school.

  • Building capacity in others

    Building capacity in others

    It is expected that principals will play an important role in developing capacity in the people they lead. This may take the form of feedback, evaluation, goal-setting, adjusting roles and responsibilities and providing the right people with the right opportunities to develop new skills.

  • Examples of Evidence

    This document provides examples of evidence that may be used to provide insight into the effectiveness of teacher practice and inform growth. The examples are grouped into common evidence types. This list is not exhaustive and other categories and evidence types may be used to demonstrate the achievement of the Standards.

  • AITSL_066

    Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

    As a teacher, it's your role to grow and develop the minds in your classroom. That's where the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers comes in. The Standards let you know what you should be aiming to achieve at every stage of your career. So you can improve your practice inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Engaging students in science

    Engaging students in science

    The teacher articulates his methods for engaging a diverse class of students in a unit on the solar system.

  • Descriptors L

    Standards at the Lead teacher level

    Lead teachers are recognised and respected by colleagues, parents/carers and community members as exemplary teachers.

  • Descriptors HA

    Standards at the Highly Accomplished teacher level

    As a highly accomplished teacher, you are a highly effective and skilled classroom practitioner, and routinely work independently and collaboratively to improve your practice and the practice of colleagues.

  • A Blueprint for initial teacher education and teacher workforce data

    December 2015

  • Cert snapshot B

    A snapshot of certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers in Australia: Jan 2016 - June 2017

    National certification is a voluntary initiative that supports teachers to explore and reflect on their practice at the Highly Accomplished and Lead career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.


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