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Teacher Support – with you in 2022

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Australian Professional Standard for Principals guide you on how to progress through each career stage. AITSL supports you to meet the Standards by providing a broad range of evidence-based guides and tools, some of which we've curated for you here.

Facebook group

Teachers Supporting Teachers - Australia

This dedicated community with over 8,400 members is a place for teachers and leaders to share advice and ask questions.

Evidence-based tools to enhance your feedback

Whether you're a teacher or leader, effective feedback practices can greatly improve student learning and teaching quality.

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Our My Induction app includes expert advice and activities to help you start your teaching career. 


Get expert teacher responses to commonly asked questions


Understand key milestones
along your induction journey


Learn more about your professional wellbeing


Step into the classroom with confidence

Our new guide Advice for beginning teachers working in remote settings covers 11 topics including:

  • Who can help me with classroom management in a remote community setting?
  • How will I establish a relationship with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators that I will be working with?
  • Who will I be working with in a remote community setting?
  • 9 nationally accredited Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers share some quick tips and ideas for your teaching practice
  • Chelsea #1 Tip for beginning teachers
  • Angela #2 Tip for beginning teachers
  • Anna #3 Tip for beginning teachers
  • Kate #4 Tip for beginning teachers
  • Belinda #5 How to engage a class
  • Kami #6 How to engage a class
  • Shane #7 How to engage a class
  • Dionne #8 On using the Standards
  • Wesley #9 On using the Standards
Develop others

Support to induct your beginning teachers

Providing quality induction is critical to developing a teacher’s skills and practice from the start of their career in order to improve learner outcomes. If you're a leader, this information will help you plan the best induction for your beginning teachers.
Develop others

Support casual relief teachers to learn

A casual relief teacher can have a significant impact on improving learning outcomes in an education setting. This information will support leaders to ensure casual relief teachers undertake high-quality professional learning.

Watch teaching practice in action and get first-hand insights from an experienced teacher

Have you recently moved into a leader or principal role, or aspire too? This collection of advice from real leaders and principals will assist you to develop and improve your own practice. Presented as easy to navigate videos, watch them throughout the year to inspire you on your new journey.


Leading for Impact

Visit 4 schools across Australia for an insight into high-impact leadership. Each school’s story is presented in 2 videos.

Principals to inspire you

These 7 video stories offer great advice to those on a leadership journey from principals across a range of settings.

Leadership Pathways

Respected journalist and TV presenter Jenny Brockie explores how a diverse group of principals got to where they are.

Leadership Scenarios

Using real-life experiences, this video, guide and resources help new principals to develop strategies for common challenges.

Develop your leadership

Develop leadership skills working across both the Teacher Standards and the Principal Standard

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Join 190,000+ AITSL Mail subscribers to have new and useful content and tools delivered straight to your inbox each month.