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At a Victorian State Conference, two secondary school teachers of Media Studies run a session aimed at introducing graduate and pre-service teachers to some of the concepts that underpin the study of media such as audience, text, and media ownership. They separately and jointly reflect on the value of professional learning networks for their professional growth and for the impact that it has had on their capacity to deliver improved learning opportunities for their students. In addition to describing the value of participation in networks, one teacher articulates the value of service in state-based professional associations that deliver improved professional learning for teachers.
This professional development session was presented at the 2012 Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) State Conference. It was presented to a group composed largely of graduate or beginning teachers of Media Studies. The approach used in the session was to share practical teaching experiences and to demystify subject matter. The title of the session, ‘Oh My God, Media’, recognised that teachers new to this teaching area might need support in order to more effectively support student learning and engage students in the subject matter.
  • How can you engage in a professional discussion with colleagues?
  • What forums outside school can you engage in to improve your professional skills?
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