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In this Illustration, a teacher of dance describes a teaching unit based around instructions and directions that will encourage students to develop aesthetic knowledge, and practice the key skills of the learning area. These include body awareness and understanding the language of dance. Following an observation that students were struggling to understand the core concepts of the unit, the teacher has selected activities relating to a Sydney Dance Company performance about signs and symbols that direct everyday life, to ground the lesson content in real-world situations.
Ogilvie High School in Hobart, Tasmania, is an all girls public school from Grade 7 to Grade 10. In Grade 7 all students are given the opportunity to experience a variety of subjects in the Arts. All Grade 7 students study dance for one term, where the focus is on the elements of dance and how they combine with body awareness.
  • How do you select resources that provide access to the deep structure of the learning area?
  • In what ways do you vary the selection and organisation of content to suit specific learning needs?
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