About the TEMAG Dashboard

The TEMAG Dashboard highlights the progress of the TEMAG reforms in relation to specific outcomes and performance indicators for each of the six key reform areas. Understanding the full impact of the reforms will take time as pre-service teachers progress through their initial teacher education (ITE) programs and move into the classroom.

Multiple types of data are being used to measure progress against the outcomes, including data from ITE providers, teacher regulatory authorities, and survey data from key education stakeholders.

Given the phased approach of the evaluation, there will be some outcomes and performance indicators that data is not available for yet. The dashboard will be updated with the relevant data as it becomes available to ensure the clearest picture of the TEMAG reforms is always provided.

The three phases of evaluation

phases 1 Phase one 2015–2017 2 Phase two 2018–2019 3 Phase three 2020–2021

The six TEMAG reform areas


Quality assurance

Robust assessment


Professional experience

National research and workforce planning