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Initial Teacher Education Pipeline

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Published March 2023

Reference period: 2005-2019

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Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. (2023). ATWD National Trends: Initial Teacher Education Pipeline (Mar 2023 ed., 2005-2019).

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The ATWD National Trends: Initial Teacher Education (ITE) pipeline provides insight into emerging national trends in the supply of teachers through ITE. It contains interpretations of key national trends from 2005 to 2019, situated within a policy context or noting policy shifts or changes that could have an impact on the data. This publication raises important questions and considerations for policy makers about factors affecting the available teacher supply pool in Australia.

Note: Throughout the publication, further detail can be accessed through the hover text function, which provide (i) further definitions and descriptions of key terminology or (ii) additional data to support the analysis.

The ITE data in the ATWD is derived from annual data collected as part of the Higher Education Student Data Collection. To date, the ATWD has released ITE data up to 2019 through its Key Metrics Dashboard (KMD). Analysis and interpretation of data up to 2019 provides a valuable picture of the ITE pipeline prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This provides a baseline for future analysis of changes in the ITE pipeline, post-COVID.

The ATWD National Trends: ITE pipeline publication will be updated annually as new data is released in the KMD. A separate ATWD National Trends: Teacher Workforce publication will provide insight into national trends in the teacher workforce and will also be updated annually.

The ATWD National Trends publications are written to support workforce planning and inform decision-making by increasing awareness and understanding of notable national trends from population data. For further information on jurisdictional differences, stakeholders are encouraged to explore the data available on the KMD.

The ITE pipeline focuses on the start of the professional journey of most teachers: from commencement to completion of an accredited initial teacher education program through a higher education provider. This stage precedes provisional registration and entry into the teacher workforce. 

Using ATWD data to gain a better understanding of the profile of new and emerging graduates, as well as the factors that lead to their successful completion of ITE programs, facilitates a more nuanced approach to identifying policy opportunities that can affect change and strengthen the overall supply of high-quality teachers into the workforce.

ITE pipeline summary

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Figure 6: National enrolments, count and annual change
National enrolments, count and annual change

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