Teacher Self-Assessment Tool

The Teacher Self-Assessment Tool (Teacher SAT) is an online questionnaire enabling teachers at all Career Stages, in a range of contexts, to reflect upon their practice in accordance with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Take the TSAT

The Teacher SAT lends itself to several distinct purposes for teachers:

  • Familiarisation with the Standards – The Teacher SAT assists teachers to locate their practice in the Standards.
  • Self-reflection - The Teacher SAT report provides a detailed picture of a teacher’s practice aligned to Career Stages and Standards Focus Areas.
  • Performance and development - The Teacher SAT highlights areas for individual teachers’ development.
  • Professional learning planning - The information provided by the Teacher SAT report offers stimulus for choosing professional learning.
  • Preparation for national certification - The Teacher SAT provides teachers with feedback about where their practice aligns with the Highly Accomplished or Lead Career Stages.
  • Group functionality - The group report provides an overview of the cohort’s skills, aligned to the Standards. The information can be used to inform whole school, department or subject area performance and development planning and goal setting.

For more information, see the FAQ and User Guide.