Bray Park - case study

Kirsten Ferdinands – Principal, Bray Park State High School: My work needs to be with my teachers, and it needs to be making sure that they are the expert teaching team that they can be, but I can resource the school and support the school to ensure that they can achieve their best. Eleana Kerr – Deputy Principal, Bray Park State High School: To achieve the outcomes in education we need to take our staff with us on the journey to improve student learning. My focus has always been on developing relationships with staff and then through those positive relationships to build their capacity in the different areas of their responsibility. We use a variety of different data sets in the senior school to use that as a point of discussion with the heads of department so that we can really make that data owned. Emma Wilson – Head of Department, Bray Park State High School: We also have a lot of meetings before school. I've run one, a junior secondary PLC and every fortnight they're on all different things and they can be from behaviour management within the classroom to even looking at NAPLAN data. John Tabrett – Deputy Principal, Bray Park State High School: You know, progression is 2019 and beyond is around looking at that success and developing the capabilities of our students and this year has seen us start some work with the University of Melbourne, collaborating with 20 to 30 schools from all around Australia and looking at our ability to measure the impact of what we do here on everyday. Chris Powell – Head of Department, Bray Park State High School: As a head of department I'm observing my staff once per term and we're having a coaching and mentoring conversation after that about how I can support them in moving forward. We're analysing not only the data sets but the needs of the teachers and trying to come up with either some professional development for those teachers, some different assessments which assess the, the numeracy demands more effectively or it could be a short series of warm-up activities or something like that. Emma Wilson – Head of Department, Bray Park State High School: We focus on, I guess, what our core values are from our strategic leadership plan and we set some goals for these teachers and then we monitor them as we go along. My teachers that I coach, I guess, and I provide feedback to - we look at their planning making sure that they've included all students into their planning and so that all our students succeed and have a chance to have success. Kerri Trigger – Deputy Principal, Bray Park State High School: I currently am leading a project whereby our junior students are conducting student-led conferencing where the students actually lead the conversations around their learning with their parents. So what we're aiming to achieve from this is students having the confidence to communicate well. When we had the actual event we had a good ninety six percent attendance. Parents learnt things about their students that night that they didn't know, even how to support them better at home with their learning.