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This unit of work begins by focusing on the first voyage of Cook and then moves on to explore the perspectives of contact between Indigenous Australians and the explorers. The unit is designed to be delivered over a number of lessons by a graduate teacher to a year 4 history class. Historical skills are developed through the study of timelines, differing perspectives and inquiry using primary and secondary sources.
This unit was developed to allow a graduate teacher to develop skills in developing content firmly focused on the new Australian history curriculum for year 4. It includes elements of the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their first contact with Europeans during the Age of Exploration. The unit builds appropriate historical understanding by including sources and perspectives and by asking students to develop empathy and to discuss significance.
  • When is it appropriate for a teacher to allow a student or students to choose their own assessment tasks?
  • What protocols do you use for sourcing and using third party intellectual property?
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