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The science coordinator uses the model of the International Baccalauréat Middle Years Program to introduce independent investigation skills to encourage enquiring learners. In this clip, the teacher discusses the Year 9 program where the CSIRO initiative known as CREST is used to develop high level thinking skills by enabling students to design scientific investigations of their choice. Science experts model to students how to develop and implement scientific method and process.
Telopea Park School was established in 1923, and since 1984 it has been a bi-national French–Australian school. The school operates with three streams, a K-6 bilingual stream, an English-French Stream 7–10 leading to the French Baccalauréat and a comprehensive 7–10 English stream. All secondary students undertake the Middle Years Program of the International Baccalauréat. The school is located in central southern Canberra, and has an international character with over 70 nationalities represented in the student population.
  • What research or models do you draw from to develop and implement engaging learning and teaching programs?
  • How can new strategies be introduced to make information meaningful and enable students to apply recent learnings in new contexts?
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