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The teacher explains the value of the '8 [Aboriginal] Ways of Learning' framework, which includes eight interconnected pedagogies. The framework is particularly relevant to her school because of the large numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The framework has been designed to respond to their learning needs. She supports teachers and students at the school through demonstrating the efficacy of the framework in areas such as its emphasis on narrative-driven learning, land-based learning, and connectedness to community. She models a literacy lesson for foundation level students to a colleague emphasising 'Story Sharing' and 'Land Links'
The school is a co-educational primary school in the South Western Sydney Region. The school has over 300 students enrolled from pre-school to year 6. The school has a strong emphasis on Aboriginal Education with many strategies embedded across all areas of school life. Approximately 26 per cent of students are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and 17 per cent are of Pacific Islander background. Having chosen to embed Aboriginal Education across the curriculum of John Warby Public School the school leaders and teachers needed to adopt an appropriate pedagogical framework. They selected the locally developed 8 Ways of Learning framework across the school.
  • In what ways has your school facilitated opportunities for teachers of the same grade to plan together with support from school leaders?
  • Has your school adopted any specific policies or programs to meet the needs of particular groups of students?
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