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Making decisions through the distributed leadership model

Southworth, G

A case study of how coordinated approaches to both distributed leadership and decision making are more effective than having everyone work autonomously.



Investigating the links to improved student learning: executive summary of research findings

Wahlstrom, K L; Louis, K S; Leithwood, K; Anderson, S E

Educational leadership is explored through three lenses (collective, shared and distributed leadership), outlining the components and impacts of each of them.



Distributed leadership

Harris, A

Professor Alma Harris emphasises that structures within schools need to change to allow people to work together more effectively and achieve distributed leadership.



Leadership is ... distributed

Woods, P; Roberts, A

This video argues that all leadership is distributed and your choice as to how to approach it is the key.



A model for stronger schools

Bierly, C; Doyle, B; and Smith, A

An infographic exploring how distributed leadership builds stronger and higher-performing schools.



8 Differences Between Traditional and Collaborative Leaders

Lindegaard, S

A comparative look at eight major differences between the traditional top-down leadership approach and the new style of collaborative leadership.



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Collaborative leadership in schools