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In this Technology and Applied Science (TAS) meeting, colleagues discuss the ambiguity surrounding current assessment marking strategies used within the faculty and review a new marking model proposed by a colleague. They apply the new model to an existing curriculum activity to gather feedback with the intention of trialing the new tool within the faculty.
This Independent school for girls is located in metropolitan Sydney. It has a strong professional learning culture and staff members are encouraged to participate in a range of professional development forums to develop strategies that will enable students to perform to their optimum ability. To improve the transparency and clarity of the assessment and reporting process with staff, students and the wider school community, this teacher has initiated the development and trialing of a new marking tool.
  • How do you support moderation activities with colleagues that address school and cross-school comparisons of student learning?
  • What strategies have you used to ensure consistency and comparability of colleagues’ judgments when assessing student learning?
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