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The teacher embeds Aboriginal perspectives into a unit of work through an investigation into the Aboriginal land management practice of fire-stick farming. The students consider the ways in which Aboriginal Australians used fire in the past and present and research the procedure of fire-stick farming. Students then demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of how and why fire-stick farming was used by acting out the process. The teacher then discusses the ways in which Aboriginal histories and cultures could be incorporated into a colleague’s Mathematics class using a resource database.
Sturt Street Community School is a Birth to Year 7 school located in central Adelaide and has a culturally diverse student population. The teacher recognises the importance of teaching the Australian Curriculum through Aboriginal perspectives and has previously assisted in the development of a database, developed across seven schools, that she uses to assist other teachers embed Aboriginal histories and cultures into their teaching programs.
  • What opportunities do you provide for students to develop understanding of and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?
  • How do you go about embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into curriculum content?
  • How could you support colleagues to incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and languages into their teaching programs?
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