HALT Summit 2021

The Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Summit is a free event for nationally certified teachers from across Australia. The Summit provides an opportunity for HALTs to work with leading thinkers to develop skills that equip them to lead and inspire colleagues and collaborate with other Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers.

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The below program times are available to assist you with planning your attendance at the HALT Summit. A detailed program can be found here.

Welcome Networking Function

Hosted by AITSL
Venue: Kurilpa Roof Terrace, Brisbane State High School

Thursday 24 June: 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Please join AITSL and HALT Summit delegates at a special event to kick-off Summit 2021

Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Summit

Hosted by AITSL
Venue: W Hotel, Brisbane and delivered virtually

Day 1
Friday 25 June: 8:30am – 5pm

Day 2
Saturday 26 June: 8:30am – 3.30pm

Virtual School Visits

Visiting local schools in person was a highlight of the Darwin Summit but is unfortunately on pause this year. But rest assured, AITSL has found a way to give HALTs the opportunity to experience the broad range of schools Queensland has to offer. Come on our virtual tour of Queensland and see for yourself the unique impact four Queensland schools have on their learners.

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Jared Cooney Horvath
Dr Jared Cooney Horvath

An award-winning cognitive neuroscientist, best-selling author and renowned keynote speaker with an expertise in human learning, memory, and brain stimulation.

PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne and an MEd in Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard University.

Co-founder of LME Global; a mission-driven company aiming to serve students, educators, schools and organizations through applied brain science.

Author of Stop Talking; Start Influencing: 12 Insights From Brain Science to Make Your Message Stick and 10 Things Schools Get Wrong; and How We Can Get Them Right.

helen street2
Dr Helen Street

One of Australia’s most highly respected educators. She works as a consultant, an applied social psychologist and an honorary Associate Professor at The University of Western Australia. With a passion for educational reform and for challenging the status quo, Helen has become known as a pioneer in the development of long-term learning engagement, motivation and wellbeing in schools. 

Over the past twenty years, Helen has worked with schools in Europe, the UK, Australia and SE Asia. She has also written four books, several book chapters and more than 100 articles and academic papers supporting wellbeing in adults and young people.

Helen co-founded the highly respected and well-loved Positive Schools conference series across Australia and SE Asia, and the disruption of the pandemic of 2020 has now resulted in Helen co-creating Positive Schools Online, a professional learning platform for educators. 

Emeritus Laureate Professor John Hattie

Emeritus Laureate Professor John Hattie has been a champion of HALTs and the HALT Network from the very beginning.

He first wowed HALTs at the inaugural HALT Summit in 2016 and will be back to work with HALTs at Summit 2021.

John’s work is internationally acclaimed. His influential 2008 book Visible Learning: A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement is believed to be the world’s largest evidence-based study into the factors that improve student learning.

Through his role as Chair of the AITSL Board, John is able to provide national leadership in promoting excellence so teachers and school leaders have maximum impact on learning.