About the Summit

Each year, AITSL hosts the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) Summit for nationally certified teachers from across Australia, to connect, share and develop their expertise as educational leaders.

The 2018 HALT Summit was held in Canberra in March. The highly anticipated event provided 200 nationally certified teachers the opportunity to work with leading international and Australian thinkers to develop their skills to lead and inspire colleagues.

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The HALT summit is the one Professional Learning event that I look forward to each year. It gives me a buzz, an inspiration that transpired for the rest of the year! Looking forward to 2019 and another inspiring summit!
Nationally certified teacher, On Summit 2018

Summit 2018 speakers

Dr Simon Breakspear is known internationally for helping educational leaders navigate complex change, harness robust evidence and drive continuous improvement for better learning. He is a dynamic and engaging presenter with a penchant for making complex issues accessible and offering practical strategies to navigate them. Simon began his work in education as a high school teacher in Sydney. He is currently the Executive Director of Agile Schools and Research Fellow of the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change at The Education University of Hong Kong.
Simon Breakspear

Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson of the University of Auckland. She specialises in school improvement, leadership and the relationship between research and the improvement of practice. She is a voracious researcher of a broad range of issues relating to school leadership, educational policy and leadership skills, particularly interpersonal skills that are crucial to effective leadership. 
Viviane Robinson

Peggy Brookins is the CEO and President of the US Board for Professional Teaching Standards. She is a highly respected professional and pioneering STEM educator who has comprehensive experience in developing, planning, managing, organizing, and implementing education programs and providing leadership to knowledge focused initiatives.
Peggy Brookins

Summit 2017

In Sydney in March 2017, Summit brought together 175 nationally certified teachers. Across the two days, participants put their collective expertise to action by sharing practice from their own context and by considering how to know, show and spread the impact of nationally certified HALTs.

Professor Carol Dweck is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation and is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Her research focuses on why people succeed and how to foster success.

Carol Dweck

Laureate Professor John Hattie is Director of the Melbourne Educational Research Institute at the University of Melbourne and Board Chair of AITSL. His areas of interest are measurement models and their applications to educational problems, and models of teaching and learning.


John Hattie

Watch highlights from Summit 2017 and the inaugural Summit in Adelaide 2016.