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Albanvale Primary School – Numeracy

Teacher Standards Focus Areas: 3.1, 5.1, 5.2

Albanvale Primary School

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Albanvale Primary School

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Discussion questions

  1. How does the teacher differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs across the full range of abilities?
  2. What strategies does the teacher use to establish challenging learning goals for students and ensure they are supported to reach these goals?
  3. How can you provide feedback to students on their learning to help them continuously work towards their goals?
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Albanvale Primary School is located in Melbourne, Victoria with approximately 270 student enrolments.

Ayse Alanci, team leader and Year 3/4 teacher demonstrates how to effectively establish a learning environment that illustrates the learning intentions and success criteria for students in a numeracy lesson. This approach complements the visible learning methods adopted by Ayse’s team to enable consistency of purposeful practice, where students are given opportunities to regulate and self-assess their understandings of the relevant numeracy skills and concepts. Acknowledging the diverse range of students with English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D), Ayse illustrates the benefits of visual learning and consistent use of mathematical language as a strategy to reduce cognitive load whilst connecting new with previous learning. Ayse demonstrates various styles of effective teaching instruction through the facilitation of explicit teaching groups assisting her with understanding where students are in their learning and celebrating the progression students have made when reflecting on their learning maps.

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About the teacher’s use of learning maps and formative assessment tools to improve student outcomes in an interview with the teacher.