Dear colleagues,

Not just anyone can teach. I know from personal experience that many people have given it a go, but frankly, they just can’t do it. Teaching is a vocation and a profession. Through the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, teachers and leaders in Australia have set very high standards about what someone needs to achieve to teach in an Australian classroom. The bar is not changing.

Linked to those Standards is teacher registration, and in September 2017 all of Australia’s Education Ministers asked AITSL to convene an independent expert panel to look nationally at registration and understand to what extent there is consistency and rigour in the teacher registration process across the country. They have also asked the panel to report back and provide recommendations on strengthening teacher registration, to help build teaching quality. You can read the Terms of Reference here.

I imagine the panel will explore whether registration processes are different across states and territories and how they are applied to the Teacher Standards when assessing registrations.

In the consultation process the Panel undertakes over the next few months, they will be uniquely placed to hear examples of support for teachers in the registration process and uncover excellent practices. I’m really looking forward to what the panel has to say.

Registration of early childhood teachers and VET in schools teachers is also in scope for the review – this clearly recognises the importance of those teachers in these sectors on learners.

The Panel is now in place and our role at AITSL is to support them in doing their job.  

Consultation is critical for this review and AITSL will ensure that there are many ways that you can get your view to the panel including submissions and surveys. The Panel is also taking to the road, to talk to stakeholders in each jurisdiction. Keep in touch with the Review by registering your interest here.

In the meantime, you are welcome to get in touch with me at any time.

In line with our Mission and Values, AITSL will uphold standards for the profession and will be the honest broker in the system. We are well placed to support the expert panel and we look forward to recommendations that build on the processes and standards already in place across Australia, and build on the work done to date.


Warm regards,

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