Aspiring and new principals thrive when they have the support to deal with the job’s everyday challenges. This support can come in all forms, including through peer networks and communities or resources that help them prepare for the responsibilities and situations they can expect to face.

AITSL’s new School Leadership Development Resources are developed to do just that. The resources draw on real-life experiences that have been developed though collaboration with current school leaders and principals. They respond to the growing awareness that aspiring and new principals need guidance and support to manage the increasing expectations and demands of school leadership roles.

Leadership Scenarios provide new principals with strategies and tools to help them deal with a range of common challenges, such as managing their time successfully or establishing a learning culture.

Inspiring principals discuss their journeys to becoming a principal and offer their advice about preparing for school leadership in video profiles.

An innovative sketch video and series of case studies explore how using both the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Principal Standard can support teachers’ professional growth in school leadership skills.

The latest Spotlight evidence-summary looks at the research around the subject of preparing for the rewards and challenges of a school principal role.

AITSL CEO Lisa Rodgers said: “Principals often report higher rates of job satisfaction than the general population and are broadly positive about the rewards of their work. This is usually attributed to the positive impact they can have on students and families. Having said that, research finds that new leaders commonly experience stresses linked to the demands of the role, such as feeling isolated, having difficulties with administration and management, and adjusting to a new workload.

“This package of School Leadership Development Resources offers extra support both to teachers who are targeting a move into a school leader position, as well as for aspiring and new principals to help them prepare for the responsibilities and demands of principalship that come with the position.”

The new resources are available now and free to access from the AITSL website –

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