A crucial TEMAG recommendation was to put in place teaching performance assessments (TPAs). TPAs will be used to assess that a student meets the Graduate Teacher Standards in a reliable and consistent way, with an emphasis on practical teaching skills in the classroom.

Supervising teachers may often be involved in this assessment of students as part of the final placement, but responsibility for the assessment rests with the higher education (ITE) provider. Some teachers may have already been involved with TPAs; with trials commencing in some schools in 2017. Their use will become more widespread from 2018 onwards.  

Because of this relationship between schools and ITE providers, AITSL wants to keep supervising teachers and school leaders in the loop about the requirements for all providers to have TPAs in place, as well as the progress of TPAs.

TPAs can give current teachers, school leaders and the general public even more confidence that graduate teachers are stepping into classrooms ready to teach from day one. The graduates themselves will also have greater confidence they’ve demonstrated the skills to teach in the classroom at the Graduate level.

Last year, more than 20 ITE providers across Australia formed two separate consortia to design and trial two TPAs that meet the new requirements. These providers will use them to rigorously evaluate graduate teachers in the final year of an ITE course.

One consortium is being led by the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at University of Melbourne. The other is being led by the Learning Sciences Institute Australia at Australian Catholic University.

Visit the Teaching performance assessment page if you’d like to know more.