I’d like to take this opportunity to update you about three new developments. 

Firstly, earlier this year, all Education Ministers asked AITSL to convene an Expert Panel to look for ways to strengthen teacher registration. We know that states and territories are already doing a good job at this, but wanted to see if there were ways to improve this process. We received 6,500 responses from teachers and leaders and over 90 formal submissions, and the Expert Panel have now made their report and recommendations public. 

The combined effect of the recommendations is aimed at:

  1. Maintaining or improving the high standards of the profession
  2. Strengthening child safety, and
  3. Streamlining teacher registration across Australia.

You can read more in the latest issue of eNews, or visit the National Review of Teacher Registration page

We have also recently updated the initial teacher education (ITE) Accreditation Standards and Procedures. This document sets out the requirements that an ITE program must meet to be nationally accredited. 

Minor amendments were made to further ensure that ITE programs are producing the best graduates possible and to help build the national evidence base on what works well in ITE. 

You can find out more and download the updated Accreditation Standards and Procedures here

 Finally, something near and dear to my heart is the national increase in the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers (HALTs). The latest cohort to be welcomed into the fold are from Queensland, after Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) gave its support to national teacher certification. 

The number of nationally certified HALTs has more than doubled from 250 to almost 500 in the past three years, as momentum builds across Australia – and particularly from Queensland; with all classroom teachers across Queensland able to apply for national teacher certification from 2019.

You can read their media release here.

Hope you are all looking forward to school holidays and getting some much needed rest.

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