It has been really inspiring to see the way teachers and school leaders have again risen to the challenge of motivating new cohorts of students to learn and achieve in 2019.

I also want to acknowledge the thousands of beginning teachers across the country who have almost reached another milestone in their new careers – the completion of their first term in their new schools. 

It’s a big achievement. So congratulations to all new teachers – and indeed all teachers and school leaders – for the hard work, dedication and passion you’ve shown to achieve your goals, and lead the learning of Australian students.

For early career teachers, ongoing and tailored induction is a really important part of supporting professional growth and retention in the profession.  When done well, it’s a win for new teachers, a win for the profession and a win for the students of Australia.

There are some great examples of induction happening in schools around the country, which is excellent to see. To complement these, AITSL also offers tools, such as its My Induction app, to provide beginning teachers and their mentors with additional resources and support.

With the right induction and mentoring, and clear career paths extending well beyond the first term in the job, the beginning teachers of today can become the expert teachers of tomorrow. I think we can all agree that is something we all want to see.

Finally, in keeping with AITSL’s approach of working with and for the profession, we are eager to hear views from across the education sector in our 2019 Stakeholder Survey, which will go live soon. Held every few years, the Stakeholder Survey is a chance for you to tell us how we can better support the profession through the way we work, and the resources and tools we provide. 

We will post the link on our social media channels soon, and I strongly encourage you to make your voice heard.

During 2019, AITSL is as passionate as ever about empowering teachers to have the biggest possible impact in the classroom. I look forward to continuing the journey with you.

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