It was an absolute privilege to be on Palm Island earlier this month. After accepting the kind invitations of Bwgcolman Community School (BWS) and St Michael’s Catholic School, my journey began with John Ryan and Professor Wendy Paton from Queensland College of Teachers.

We were very warmly welcomed by school principals Beresford Domic and Janet Wigan, who gave us the opportunity to meet their talented staff and students. Make no mistake, there is an abundance of great leadership, great teaching and great outcomes for students on Palm Island and it was an honour to catch a small glimpse of their incredible and continuing success stories. I also want to thank the dedicated staff and students at both schools for their generosity during our time there.

There is fabulous high-quality teaching right across Australia and I’m often in awe of the educators I get to meet. Despite this, we can at times hear a lot of negative things about teachers and teaching that does the profession no favours. Today is World Teachers’ Day – the perfect time to celebrate how you change the learning lives of students every single day.

To promote the profession, AITSL has been asking Australians to share their story online of a great teacher who made a difference in their lives. I’m grateful that this gave me the opportunity to give a big ‘shoutout’ to my secondary school teacher Mr White for his teaching and inspiration. Please share and make your own short videos or written posts that tell your story by visiting AITSL's website for instructions; or head over right now to Twitter and search #TeacherDifference.

As part of our World Teachers’ Day activities last night, we held a chat on Twitter with Laureate Professor John Hattie, the AITSL Board Chair. Thank you to everyone who asked a question and made it such a success. If you missed out, you can catch up on all the action by reading the questions and answers in the Twitter moment here.

AITSL is here for all teachers and all school leaders.

Happy World Teachers’ Day. Thank you for your dedication to your students and the positive impact you have on them every day.

We notice you, we appreciate you, and we are very lucky to have you in our early childhood settings and classrooms.

Have a great day.


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