Dear colleague,

As I reflect on my first few weeks at AITSL, one thing that strikes me is what a valuable opportunity I have to view and participate in education through a new lens.

Like you, my driving force is to help shape the best possible outcomes for students – whether in early learning environments, primary or secondary, independent, Catholic or government schools.

I’ve worked in education my whole career. I began my professional journey as a teacher in the classroom with a focus on making a difference to my students.

The experience was invaluable and my dedication to seeking the best outcomes for learners has never diminished. Later, my roles as a principal provided opportunities to approach this objective through a different but equally important lens. This was a lens focused not just on one class, but an entire school – helping my teachers be the best they could be in their classrooms.

More recently, my work was focussed through another lens again. As an executive in the Department of Education in New South Wales, my position existed outside the school, but still very much connected to it. This lens highlighted the importance of striving to ensure all of our schools delivered for students across a complex and diverse system.

Now at AITSL, I am grateful for the opportunity to apply a national lens to our shared purpose of shaping the best possible outcomes for students. Advancing this objective through the vital work AITSL does to champion quality teaching and school leadership nationally will remain my key focus in this role.

As AITSL CEO, I look forward to working with you and building on the progress that has been made. In one of my first public orders of business as CEO, it will be a privilege to join expert teachers from around the country at the upcoming HALT Summit in Darwin next week.

The summit is just one example of the important work AITSL does to promote expertise and excellence in the profession Australia-wide, and allow teachers and school leaders to maximise their impact on their practice, their colleagues, and of course their students.

While I’m familiar with many AITSL stakeholders, I’m also looking forward to meeting many more in the weeks and months ahead.

Before then, I’d encourage you to take AITSL’s confidential Stakeholder Survey to provide feedback on all of AITSL’s work and help us inform and improve all that we do.

Although we face challenges in a complex education landscape, there are many opportunities as well. It’s clear that excellent teaching and school leadership are key to securing Australia’s future.