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Teacher professional learning and development

Timperley, H

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This booklet about teacher professional learning and development has been prepared for inclusion in the Educational Practices Series developed by the International Academy of Education and distributed by the International Bureau of Education and the Academy. As part of its mission, the Academy provides timely syntheses of research on educational topics of international importance. This is the eighteenth in a series of booklets on educational practices that generally improve learning.

This particular booklet is based on a synthesis of research evidence produced for the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) Programme, which is designed to be a catalyst for systemic improvement and sustainable development in education. This synthesis, and others in the series, are available electronically at All BESs are written using a collaborative approach that involves the writers, teacher unions, principal groups, teacher educators, academics, researchers, policy advisers, and other interested parties. To ensure its rigour and usefulness, each BES follows national guidelines developed by the Ministry of Education. [Preface]

This research informed the development of resources in AITSL’s Teacher Toolkit.