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Global trends in professional learning and performance development


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The Global Trends in Professional Learning and Performance Development report provides an overview of innovative practices worldwide. The report assessed innovative programs and practices on the extent to which they:

  • Tap into passions and ownership of participants
  • Engage with external partners who offer fresh perspectives
  • Use technology to support collaboration
  • Draw on new or existing data (in new ways)
  • Enable participants to rethink the use of resources

Based on an extensive ‘horizon scan’ of more than 50 cross-sectoral organisations (including education, arts, technology, business, health etc.), the report identifies five global trends in innovative approaches to professional learning: Integrated, Immersive, Design-led, Market-led and Open.

For each of these trends the report identifies a spectrum of practices from ‘Almost/already here’ to ‘Next wave’ and ‘On the Horizon’ providing concrete examples for implementation in the education sector.

Six case studies of innovation in professional learning and performance and development (both detailed and graphic) are available at the page; as well as a video on global trends in professional learning and performance and development. [Web]

This research informed the development of resources in AITSL’s Teacher Toolkit.