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Final report on the validation of draft National Professional Standards for Teachers (executive summary)

Pegg, J; McPhan, G; Mowbray, B; Lynch, T - AITSL

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From January 2009 a rigorous process of drafting and consultation, informed by extensive research and evidence gathering produced a draft of the National Professional Standards for Teachers in Australia. Following this process, an extensive validation was undertaken from July to November 2010.  The validation was conducted for the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) by the University of New England's National Centre of Science, ICT and Mathematics Education for Rural and Regional Australia (SiMERR National Centre).

The purpose of the validation was to determine the appropriateness and reliability of the draft Standards in different Australian school contexts. The validation process was designed to capture the views of teachers on the draft national Standards, so as to ensure their relevance to teachers' work. A consequence of this approach, involving many thousands of teachers, was to obtain a validated framework to support teachers' career development and the provision of new ways to recognise and celebrate high-quality teaching in Australian schools.

SiMERR National Centre

Click here to download a copy of the final version of the National Professional Standards for Teachers.

This research informed the development of resources in AITSL’s Teacher Toolkit.