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Empowering effective teachers - strategies for implementing reforms

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Research brief

The contribution of teachers to student learning and outcomes is widely recognised. Research has shown that a teacher’s effectiveness has more impact on student learning than any other factor under the control of school systems, including class size, school size, and the quality of after-school programs. 

This report is a second briefing paper on an initiative in the United States in 2009 that proposed strategies for dramatically improving teacher effectiveness, including:

  • developing meaningful measures of teacher effectiveness, including but not limited to student achievement growth over time
  • increasing the overall numbers of effective teachers
  • providing increased pay and greater roles and responsibilities for teachers who earn tenure; and
  • concentrating effective teachers where they are needed most. [Report]

Click here to read the first briefing paper on the project.

This research informed the development of resources in AITSL’s Teacher Toolkit.