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Delivering real change in the approach to performance and development in schools

Kamener, L

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This paper considers the role of performance and development systems in supporting teacher quality and irmproving student outcomes. The author, Larry Kamener from the Boston Consulting Group, notes that while 'quality' is a complex issue—depending on factors including a teacher's inherent ability, initial professional training and in-school experience—effective, on-the-job performance and development (P&D) systems play a critical role. Such systems measure teaching quality in a meaningful way and provide the foundation for training and development programs targeted to individual teachers' weaknesses and strengths in the classroom (and ideally in the staffroom too, as members of a teaching team). At their best, they ensure that excellence is recognised, good practices are shared, and ongoing failure to perform at an acceptable level is not tolerated.

Kamener describes some of the elements of successful P&D design. He discusses the challenge of developing a P&D culture and raises two potential catalysts for system-wide improvement: accreditation and performance-based remuneration. [Abstract]

This research informed the development of resources in AITSL’s Teacher Toolkit.