Leadership Pathways

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Leadership Pathways

Australian school principals talk about the steps they took on their pathway to leadership

  • Leading in different contexts
  • Aspiring to lead
  • Recognising potential
  • Learning from a mentor, coach or role model
  • Targeting leadership learning
  • Learning on the job
  • Developing a leadership pipeline

96% of school principals in Australia say they would choose the job again if given the chance. Yet fewer than 10% intended to be a principal when they started teaching. Once you’re on the path to leadership you never know where you’ll end up.

Respected journalist and TV presenter Jenny Brockie leads the National Conversation and explores how a diverse group of school principals – from Melbourne to Milikapati – got to where they are.

Following the findings in the report Preparing Future Leaders: Effective Preparation for Aspiring School Principals, AITSL’s focus on principal preparation is about ensuring tomorrow’s leaders get the opportunities today to develop the skills necessary for the principal job.