4959 responses

66% School leaders and teachers

19% Pre-service teachers

8% Various education organisations

5% Initial teacher education providers

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of respondents were fairly or very familiar with AITSL's work.


had interacted with AITSL.


had visited the website.


had used one of our tools or resources.

Most say they'll use AITSL resources again soon, and think AITSL has an important role to play

78% say they are likely to engage with AITSL within 12 months
73% believe AITSL's role is important to improving teaching and leadership

Stakeholder groups


3805 teachers provided responses

69% Government / 29% Independent/Catholic

51% Primary / 37% Secondary

Teachers found AITSL's tools for teaching useful.

Rating them 7 out of 10

Teachers are very aware of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

91 %

are aware of the APST


use them in practice


are planning to use them

Experienced teachers



with 15+ years experience were the teachers most likely to use AITSL tools and resources and were most likely to recommend AITSL to a friend or colleague

We found different views on induction

89% of school leaders said they provided a formal induction for beginning teachers

49% of early career teachers reported experiencing induction