Moving from provisional to full registration

Beginning teachers are required to move from provisional to full registration in the early years of their career. This is one of many processes that teachers engage in to demonstrate their ongoing growth and competence as a professional practitioner. Preparing for full registration is aligned with and supported by the induction phase of a teacher’s career.

To achieve full registration, teachers are required to demonstrate achievement of the Proficient career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The process for demonstrating this varies between jurisdictions, however the process introduces teachers to using evidence to both demonstrate their professional practice and reflect on their practice.

The support teachers receive during this process varies depending on their context and circumstances − your teacher regulatory authority can provide greater detail.

A full outline of the requirements of the initial period of registration can be accessed here.

Documentary evidence examples at the Proficient career stage

The Documentary evidence examples provide detailed information regarding ways of evidencing the Standards at the Proficient career stage. These examples are provided as a guide and illustration only, they are not prescriptive or exhaustive, nor are they the only means of evidencing for the Proficient career stage. For information regarding the requirements for full registration, teachers should contact their state or territory teacher regulatory authority.

Documentary evidence examples 1MB PDF

The Evidence mapping document is an interactive PDF which can be used by teachers to assist with collating their evidence as they move towards full registration.

Evidence mapping document 813KB PDF