Suitability – There will be a requirement for an applicant to be suitable to both work with children and be a teacher, based on an assessment of character and criminal history

Elements of suitability

Criminal records checks

  • A check on national criminal history will be undertaken upon application for registration as a teacher – e.g. through CrimTrac.
  • All teachers are required to have an up to date national criminal history records check (completed within the past 5 years) to maintain registration. The check will be undertaken through a recognised national agency – e.g. through CrimTrac.
  • Overseas criminal history checks will be required when an applicant or teacher has resided as an adult in a country other than Australia. However if an overseas check cannot be obtained due to the country in which the applicant resided not providing criminal history checks, a statutory declaration by the applicant will be provided that attests to no criminal history in that country.

Other elements of suitability

Regulatory authorities may take into account:

  • information from other registration bodies and/or overseas employers
  • analysis of previous misconduct based on the level, nature, frequency, recency and seriousness of the offence/s
  • any other information relevant to an assessment of suitability for registration as a teacher, such as fitness to teach

For further information on how this may affect teachers in your state or territory, please refer to our frequently asked questions