Alternative authorisation to teach


Alternative authorisation to teach – There will be provision, in clearly defined circumstances and under specified conditions, for persons who are not eligible for registration to be employed in roles that would otherwise require registration

Alternative authorisation to teach

Alternative authorisation to teach is granted by a state or territory teacher regulatory authority. There is no obligation on other states or territories to recognise people with alternative authorisation to teach from other jurisdictions until they have met all registration requirements.

There will be two categories of alternative authorisation to teach:

  • to address workforce shortages

These individuals are not eligible for registration as a teacher, but are offered employment in a school due to a specific teacher shortage.

  • pathways to registration

This provides a pathway to registration for individuals who are working towards an accredited initial teacher education qualification, within a specified period of time.

For further information on how this may affect teachers in your state or territory, please refer to our frequently asked questions