Professional Growth


conversation wheelCoaching is an important professional learning strategy that supports professional growth. Coaching can address a range of characteristics and developmental needs that contribute to the effectiveness of a teacher.

This set of resources introduces coaching, the common themes of successful coaching programs and the available resources in the collection.

Introduction to coaching

Coaching Environmental scan  712KB PDF

Toolkit overview  235KB PDF

Introduction to the Coaching resources

Introduction to the Coaching resources video transcript RTF 91KB

Planning for coaching

What does the coaching process look like?  380KB PDF

How do I reflect on my coaching needs?  544KB PDF

How do I select a coach?   380KB PDF

How can I grow as a coach?  432KB PDF

How do I prepare as coach?  367KB PDF

What techniques do coaches use?   446KB PDF

Coaching conversations

What does a coaching contract cover?  322KB DOCX

How do coaching conversations work?  441KB PDF

How do I build momentum for change?  561KB PDF

What does an action plan look like?  349KB DOCX

Evaluating coaching

How do we evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching process?  481KB PDF

How do we reflect on the coaching relationship?  310KB DOCX

Complete set of coaching resources

PDF_Small  Coaching resources complete set  2229KB PDF