Information for applicants for skilled migration who studied their final year of initial teacher education during 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many applicants have had their study and migration plans interrupted. Your location of study may have had to change and the qualification you were studying in 2020 may have been modified to deal with remote learning and school and higher education institute closures. Many IELTS testing centres have also been closed because of COVID-19 restrictions.

AITSL’s skilled migration assessment criteria remain in place and at this stage have not been modified. AITSL is committed to providing a reliable, thorough, evidence-based skills assessment, ensuring the introduction of suitably qualified teachers into Australia’s education system.

However, to support potential applicants at this time AITSL is introducing some flexibility in how you might meet the current assessment criteria. To assist us in providing greater flexibility, while maintaining a fair and transparent approach, we are temporarily amending the evidence requirements for supervised teaching practice. The new evidence requirements will provide AITSL with the additional information necessary to understand how you may have been impacted and whether the changes to your situation still meet our requirements.

What might this impact look like?

This could mean things like:
the location (country) of your study changed
you studied your modules online in a location different to that of your University
your teaching practice was completed remotely due to school closures
your teaching practice was adapted in some other way
other changes to your study

How will AITSL assess qualifications with a final year of study in 2020?

COVID-19 has affected many people and in lots of different ways. To give applicants the best opportunity to meet our assessment criteria, AITSL will assess applications on a case by case basis. AITSL can only consider full and complete applications and AITSL is not able to provide a pre-assessment at this time.

Please take note of the additional evidence requirements and provide them as part of your submission. This will help us most efficiently assess your application. 

At all times, AITSL may choose to seek further information from you or a third party (for example your institution) to finalise an assessment. Where an applicant cannot provide sufficient evidence to support an assessment, the application will be found unsuitable.

Time frame

The amended evidence requirements apply to anyone who has completed their initial teacher education program in 2020 (or up to June 2021 for applicants who have completed their final year of study across 2020/2021). Even if you were not directly impacted by COVID-19 we are requesting for this to be noted by your awarding institution on the supervised teaching practice statement.

AITSL will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and will update and/or extend these requirements should it be warranted. All updates and new information will be posted on this website.

The information on this webpage is current as at

For queries about the information provided on this page please contact the assessment for migration team via [email protected].

Will COVID-19 change teacher registration in Australia?

The skills assessment process is distinct from teacher registration so you should check what is needed for registration with the teacher registration board in the state or territory you hope to live and teach. The criteria and evidence requirements may differ between the skills assessment and teacher registration. Please take this into consideration when making your plans to migrate and work in Australia.

Will COVID-19 impact recognition as an Early Childhood teacher by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) in Australia?

The skills assessment process is distinct from ACECQA recognition. Modifications in relation to COVID-19 may also be different. You should check what is needed for recognition as an Early Childhood Teacher with ACECQA as the criteria and evidence requirements may differ to the skills assessment. Please take this into consideration when making your plans to migrate and work in Australia.