Leadership Profiles

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1How can I benefit from using the Leadership Profiles? (Expand/collapse)

The Leadership Profiles are designed to help school leaders understand their leadership practice in relation to their career stage, capability and context, and to assist with planning the next stage of development.

The Leadership Profiles can be used by current and aspiring principals to:
• reflect on leadership practice
• identify professional learning needs
• plan professional growth.

Systems can also:
• select and recruit school leaders
• assist with talent development and succession planning
• support performance and development.

Check your own system/sector for advice regarding their use of the Standard and Profiles and visit Using the Profiles to read how school leaders from different contexts use the Leadership Profiles to support their professional growth.

Q2What are the Interactive Leadership Profiles? (Expand/collapse)

The Leadership Profiles are a set of eighty statements, validated by the profession, that describe the leadership actions of school leaders in increasing proficiency.

The Interactive Leadership Profiles allow this set of statements to be viewed through three leadership lenses - the Professional Practices lens (from the Standard's five Professional Practices), the Leadership Requirements lens (from the Standard's three Leadership Requirements) and a third lens, the Leadership Emphasis lens, which focuses on broader leadership contexts within which principals work.

You can use this tool to:
• select a core focus from one lens to view its Profile
• apply an additional focus to refine the aspect of leadership you are exploring
• view and save recommended resources and tools that can support your professional growth in targeted leadership areas
• download, print and save the Leadership Profiles as viewed through your preferred lenses

Start exploring the Interactive Leadership Profiles

You can read more about the leadership lenses by visiting What are the Profiles?

Q3Why select a core focus with an additional focus in the Interactive Leadership Profiles?(Expand/collapse)

Applying an additional focus to a core focus in the Interactive Leadership Profiles will organise the statements so that those common to both selected lenses are shown. By doing this, a more targeted developmental pathway can be viewed and the most relevant opportunities for your professional growth can be identified.

Visit Using the Profiles to read how school leaders apply an additional focus to core focuses based on their contexts.

Q4What is MyFolder and how does it support the Interactive Leadership Profiles? (Expand/collapse)

The My Folder feature allows you to save the recommended resources and tools linked to leadership actions in the Interactive Leadership Profiles. This can assist you to collate resources relating to professional growth areas you have identified.

To store favourites permanently for future access from any device, simply register and login to the AITSL website. If you are not logged in, you can still tag resources as favourites, but your selections will be lost when you close the web browser.

Visit MyFolder for more information.

Q5What is the Leadership Profiles Summary Table? (Expand/collapse)

The Summary Table is a two-dimensional grid that organises the leadership statements by the five Professional Practices of the Standard. The grid shows a developmental pathway for each Professional Practice in increasing proficiency, moving across the page from left to right.

Q6How are the Leadership Profiles connected to the Australian Professional Standard for Principals?(Expand/collapse)

The current version of the Australian Professional Standard for Principals document was re-issued in December 2014 to include the Leadership Profiles. There has been no change to the Standard but the current document includes a number of additional sections including the Leadership Profiles.

The Leadership Profiles build upon the Standard by further describing the principal role, enabling the Leadership Requirements and Professional Practices to be seen in greater detail and at increasing levels of proficiency. They recognise the important factors of career stage, capability and context, and the influence these factors have on leadership actions.

Q7Are the Leadership Profiles only for principals?(Expand/collapse)

The Leadership Profiles are designed for use by all school leaders as they develop their school leadership capabilities. This includes principals, deputy and assistant principals and aspiring principals. Whilst the Leadership Profiles describe the full breadth of the principal role, other school leaders can use them to consider their leadership development based on their current role. The Leadership Profiles assist aspiring principals to understand the breadth of the principal role and how to shape professional learning to incorporate all aspects.

School leaders with teaching responsibilities would use the Teacher Standards as well as the Principal Standard to guide them in developing the skills and capabilities required for each role.

Q8Who developed the Leadership Profiles? (Expand/collapse)

The Profiles were developed by AITSL through an intensive and collaborative process involving national and international research, extensive drafting and development, and critical review and feedback from over 2000 key stakeholders.

School leaders from across Australia provided critical input into the development and refinement of the Profiles. Additionally the following representative groups were consulted in the development of the Profiles:

• Government departments of education
• Catholic education offices
• Independent schools associations
• Primary and secondary principal associations from each system and sector

National and international researchers and education experts guided, tested and assisted in shaping the Profiles. The development process is outlined in the Leadership Profiles timeline.